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Colour Combos

mars orange

Have you been wondering how to get the maximum out of your colours? Are you even aware of all the possible blends that you can make up with your favourite Hydrocryl products?

Our in-house artists have put together these Colour Combo wheels to help you. Each wheel is based around a central colour that appears in the centre of the circle. Making your way around the circle you will see swatches of the central colour mixed with selected other colours. These Colour Combos are by no means exhaustive, but they will stimulate your awareness of the depths of colour within each jar.

Scroll through our Colour Combos, learn and be inspired by what they have to offer and then get back to the studio and make your own.

Phthalo Blue

phthalo blue
phthalo blue key
  1. Phthalo + Hansa Yellow + white
  2. Phthalo + Cadmium Hue Yellow + white
  3. Phthalo + Primrose Yellow
  4. Phthalo + Turquoise
  5. Phthalo + Acra Pink + White
  6. Phthalo + Lemon Yellow
  7. Phthalo + Hansa Yellow + white


Whilst we have done our maximum to represent the colours accurately, due to the RGB light on screens, the colours will differ slightly from true life.

All of Hydrocryl colours are produced from single pigments and as such provide unmatched brilliance and clarity of colour.  


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