About Us

Hydrocryl Pty Ltd is the manufacturer of Australia's finest artist quality acrylic paints.

Originally developed in Melbourne in 1978 as an alternative to the inferior acrylic paints of that era, this boutique product quickly surpassed it's peers on all fronts.

Colour intensity, superior adhesion, vibrant transparency, total pure opacity are just some of the regular comments we have come to expect from Hydrocryl's many satisfied and amazed customers.

For nearly forty years, Hydrocryl has been the product of choice for many of Australia's leading artists and universities. 

Hydrocryl colours are instantly recognised by their intense and vibrant colours. This is the effective result of all the colours being made from single pigments and the pigments being carefully sourced and only blended in their purest, single pigment form.

Hydrocryl's commitment to purity extends beyond the colour and hue of their pigments. The entire Hydrocryl range is made free of all toxins and heavy metal pigments. Accordingly, there are no poison warnings on the Hydrocryl labels. Pigment types such as Cadmium and Cobalt that have been considered fixtures of the colour wheel, do not feature in the Hydrocryl range. In their place, the highest quality alternatives have been used to ensure the artists of the safest and most productive experience in their studio. 

Hydrocryl have been following the same perfect formula for nearly 4 decades and continue to manufacture in Melbourne, Australia.